Shorten, track and manage your links

Turn all your long links into smaller, more attractive links that effectively engage your audience.

Why Choose Us?

EXPT.IO excels in aiding businesses with their branding ambitions. We believe in providing a single-stop link management system and short links that do not expire. Using this, you can target and segment your audience with relative ease.

Expt Solutions encrypt your Long links

Lead users to your website or social media page and track the conversion rates with our services. Generate short URLs and reduce the character length of your messages.


Use our service to create short URLs for your messages. Make the reading experience smoother and your analytics spot on.

Hyperlink text

URL shorteners simply make the hyperlink text smaller and more attractive

SMS or Email

Short links help you to reduce SMS or E-mail text character length

Client experience

Improve client experience with clear and concise messages

Experience analytics

They provide you valuable insights on client behavior and response to your campaigns

Boost Sharing

Short links promote sharing of your message thereby expanding your network

Super Easy and Secure

Convenient and secure way to lead users straight to your website or page